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Report :Army wages fierce attacks against Saudi troops over 24 hours


SANAA, April 8 (YPA) – Yemen army has launched military operations, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks on sites of US-backed Saudi-led coalition and its militias, inflicting them heavy losses over the past 24 hours, according to army media reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.

  • Saudi aggression media admitted the killing of two soldiers and injuring of two in clashes with the army in border fronts line.
  • In Jizan border province:

15 soldiers and officers of the Saudi army and its militias were killed and others escaped during the process of clearing the site of Amod mountain, seizing various weapons and gear.

5 Saudi soldiers killed in Khubah and hills of Khazan and Hamraa of Qewa village.

Katyusha rockets were fired toward gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Dahih valley of Aredha.

A Saudi military vehicle, loaded with soldiers, was destroyed by a guided missile in Khubah, killing its crew.

Rocket fire shelled gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their vehicles in Moaten camp.

Saudi army’s sites were shelled by katyusha rockets and artillery.

Artillery shelling targeted Saudi soldiers and militias’ gatherings in Ramdhah hill and Tewal crossing.

  • In Asir Saudi border province:

Two militias were shot dead in front of Aleeb crossing.

Artillery and missile shelling targeted Sood hills, beyond Hadhar site and sites of Qaderi and Shabaka.

  • In Saudi border province of Najran:

Artillery and missile shelling targeted the camp of Silah censorship and military site in front of Khadhraa crossing.

Artillery shelled Marash censorship, causing direct causalities.

Katyusha rockets and artillery shells were fired toward Sudais site and Nahuqa censorship.

Five explosive devices were bombed in militias, killing and wounding dozens.

  • In Bayda province:

A militias’ advance was foiled in Thi-Naem district, inflicting the militias heavy losses.

  • In Yemen province of Jawf:

Security arrested the dangerous mercenary Najib Abdullah Aoun.


  • In Taiz province:

A military vehicle, loaded with militias, was destroyed by an explosive device north of Khaled camp, killing and wounding its crew.

  • In Marib province:

Four of militias, including a leader, were killed and another leader was injured by the fire of Yemen army.


Sameera Hassn