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Religious Shafi’i Council responds to call of Public mobilization


SANAA, April 5, (YPA) – The Religious Shafi’i Council in Yemen responded on  to a call of Public mobilization to face the occupation against the backdrop of the rape of a Yemeni woman in the city of Al-Khokha, the council said in a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency on Thursday.

“The crime reveals the intent of dirty aggression, its ugly tools, mercenaries and traitorous agents at home and abroad,”  see the statement.

The Council warned against complacency and renunciation of religious and national responsibility towards what the country  exposed and the people at the hands of the occupation, which makes everyone under threat of targeting without discrimination.


At the end of the statement, the Islamic Shafi’i Council affirmed its response to the call of the Nakba declared by the Tuhamah tribes against the unjust aggression.

Sameera Hassn