YEMEN Press Agency

Report: coalition launch 21 airstrikes, ground attacks on 4 Yemeni provinces

SANAA, April 5 (YPA) – The Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Thursday targeted  a number of population areas in four Yemeni provinces with 21 air strikes in conjunction with ground attacks on Saudi border areas of Saada, the northern province of Yemen, causing material damage to the property of citizens and the death of a number of sheep, a security official told Yemen Press Agency.

In the capital of Sanaa, the warplanes waged eight strikes on Sanaa International Airport.

In Saada province, two airstrikes were launched on Baqem district and one on Jamah-bin-fadhil area of Haidan district.

Meanwhile, artillery and missile shelling killed numbers of civilians’ sheep  in several areas of Munabeh border district.

Furthermore, several areas of Baqem and Razih districts were shelled by artillery and missiles, causing material losses in civilians’ properties.

In Hodeidah province, five airstrikes hit Qawanis district, and two on Hais district.

In Yemen province of Jawf,  three Saudi-led airstrikes were waged on Mutun district.


Sameera Hassn