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Yemen launches educational program for children in Sana’a

SANAA, March.31 (YPA) – Minister of Youth and Sports, Hassan Zeid, launched on Saturday the educational program for children at Balkis women’s and children’s development library, which will last for three months.

He expressed his admiration for the contents of the library for children and the activities that will be of interest to them.

“Concerning for young people is the real thrust of building a conscious and cultured generation that realizes the meaning of patriotism that promotes the country and contributes to the advancement of its civilization,” Hassan Zeid said.

For her part, Fawzia Mejar, Secretary General of the Library said that the goals of this program is to raise children culturally, in addition to teaching them the concepts of loyalty and belonging to  homeland so as not to be in the future subject to intellectual blackmail and plunge into extremism and violence.

She also stressed that the program represents an opportunity for children to freely practice their hobbies and activities, including drawing and singing skills, as well as sports competitions and games suited to their age.