YEMEN Press Agency

Army foils coalition militants’ attempts to establish camp in Marib

MARIB, March 16 (YPA) – For the second time in two consecutive days, the Yemeni army’s missile forces on Saturday foiled attempts by militias loyal to Saudi-led coalition to establish a camp in al-Jadaan area of Marib province.

“Over more than five hours, ambulances did not stop transferring the militias’ wounded who could be rescued after a missile attack on al-Jadaan area,” a military source in Serwah district said.

The source added that the coalition militias tried to establish a new camp in the area after they were targeted by a Zilzal-1 rocket on Thursday, which forced the militias to stop and to try to collect bodies of their victims killed in the attack.

On Friday evening, the missile force hit the militias again with a rocket during their second attempt to create a camp in the same area, which resulted in heavy losses among their ranks.