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Al-Houthi: Statement by humanitarian coordinator in Yemen is not convincing

SANAA, March 13 (YPA) – The Head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohamed Ali al-Houthi has chanted the national anthem of the Republic of Yemen in the context of challenging the alliance led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE and confirming the continued steadfastness and “rejection of guardianship” until victory is achieved.

On Tuesday, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi confirmed of Yemenis insist on getting freedom and get rid of external guardianship, whatever the price and sacrifices they have made for four years and will continue to do so.

 “The Yemeni people are more determined to continue their steadfastness, and they are more solid and strong with their tribes and honorable sons,”  Mohamed Ali al-Houthi said on his Twitter account.

 Al-Houthi continued: “The Republic of Yemen  that chants “No foreigner shall ever hold dominion over Yemen”, for four years, Yemenis are  irrigating that soil with their precious blood in defense of our beloved homeland, going on and will not accept to retreat or break until they see the banner of victory is raised, God willing soon.”

Since March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have continued to lead an international war against Yemen, claiming ” to restore the so-called legitimacy” headed by the exiled President Hadi and his coalition-backed government to Yemen, while Hadi and his government allege “defending the Republic” from Riyadh hotels.

  Mohamed Ali al-Houthi further has commented on the statement by UN humanitarian coordinator Lize Grande regarding the massacre of Kusher district of Hajjah province, in which she said “ it is a strike leads to civilian casualties ” which he considered as not convincing.

In another tweet, he attached a video documenting the declaration of the Coalition to commit the massacre.

Al-Houthi demanded “the formation of a committee to investigate into Saudi-led coalition war crimes.”

 He held the United Nations responsible for covering up the crimes of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression.”

 The United Nations has condemned “the killing and wounding of scores of civilians in Hajjah provinces, however, it did not name the perpetrators, he said.

 The death toll from Sunday’s Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on civilians in Kusher district of Hajjah province rose to 43, Health Ministry spokesman Yusif al-Hadri said in a statement, adding that the number of dead is expected to increase because of serious injuries.