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UAE forces raid prison in Aden, torture prisoners because of leaked videos

ADEN, March 6 (YPA) – The UAE occupation forces in Yemen’s southern city of Aden on Wednesday raided Bir Ahmed prison, which is run by militia loyal to them, and tortured prisoners in hideous way against the backdrop of leaking videos from the prison.

According to sources in the prison, the Emirati Forces stripped the prisoners and hung them on iron grids and beat them with whips.

Bir Ahmed prison is one of the most famous prisons run by the UAE in southern Yemen and is not subject to the so-called “legitimate authorities” in Aden. Anyone who opposes Abu Dhabi’s trends or disagrees with its allies (the southern transitional council and security belt militias) is detained in this prison.

In December 2018, a Yemeni leader in the so-called “southern resistance” revealed that a police dog called “Shakira” is used by UAE officers as part of a series of methods and types of brutal against Yemeni detainees in the UAE-run secret prisons in the city of Aden.

“The UAE officers released Shakira towards some detainees after taking off their clothes,” Adel al-Hassani told Bilqees Satellite Channel. He added that the dog (Shakira) had bitten thighs, legs, arms and genitals of some detainees while they were shackled.

The UAE occupation has already refused a request by the exiled Hadi’s government to oversee the prison, and even it established more other prisons and entrusted their management to its military allies from the so-called “security belt” or “elite forces” in the provinces of Hadramout and Shabwa, and all those forces are rebels against Hadi’s authorities and receive support and directives from the UAE.