YEMEN Press Agency

Violent clashes erupt in Aden between militias of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi

ADEN, Feb. 10 (YPA) – Clashes broke out on Sunday morning in Mansoura district between gunmen on the public line at the entrance to Taseen line, causing the cutting of a number of main roads.
Citizens said the clashes caused the cutting off of a number of roads, especially the important Kalteks road connecting the districts of Aden and Taseen line.
Aden witnessed a tense state of tension between the militias of the coalition, where violent confrontations took place between the forces of Hadi who backed by Riyadh and the South Transitional Council, backed by the UAE, on 28 January 2018, during which dozens were killed on both sides, and the looting of weapons from the camps that were bombed by the UAE warplanes.
The southern activists stressed that the tension in the southern region reveals the political trends are exposed by the coalition to maintain control of the game tools in Yemen through the activation of tools in the south.


Sameera Hassn