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60 minutes is enough for end of World War III

SANAA, Feb. 10 (YPA) – Scientists warned that in the event of the outbreak of World War III it will be very short and will last no more than 20 to 60 minutes.
The site “One” said that the previous world wars lasted for several years but the new global conflict and if the occurrence of the duration will be very short.
The site added that it is likely that the winner will not be known, because of the destruction of each other’s adversaries with humanity altogether. This is because the world’s major powers possess intercontinental nuclear missiles and high-speed missiles, which will lead to a global war lasting no more than one hour.
In addition, Breaking Israel news published information about a third world war between the United States, Russia and China on March 22 this year, but political analysts questioned it, with little time remaining, and the outbreak of another world war requiring more Time.