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Egypt prevents Yemeni plane from landing at its airport

SANAA, Feb. 10 (YPA) – The Egyptian authorities have prevented the landing of the Yemeni plane  at the Cairo air port because it does not meet the conditions in Egypt.

The Yemeni airline has already sent a letter to the head of the Central Air Transport Authority in the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority to exempt the aircraft and approve its operation on the Yemen-Cairo route and vice versa on 18/11/2018, and they were granted approval for only three months.

With the close of the first deadline, specifically in 2019/2/3, Yemen sent another letter from the Director of the region of Egypt / Khaldoun Al-Sharjabi, requesting an extension for another period, and the response of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority on 2019/2/4 approving the operation of the A320 – 7OAFC and called Socotra, effective from 2/19 until 31 March 1999, with emphasis on no extension for a third term.

The Egyptian authorities confirmed that the authority of Cairo airport does not accept planes that do not fit with the laws and regulations in force, and demanded Yemen to meet all the conditions in force.

A source in the “Yemeni air lines” told Yemen press Agency that the Socotra plane purchased recently contains its process of buying a lot of suspicions and corruption deals.

The source said that officials in Yemenia airline, including Alwani and Adel Hamama financial director and some of those who participated in agreeing to buy it got commissions in foreign currency, in return for agreeing to buy the plane, “Socotra”, without specifications.

The source confirmed that the officials received amounts in millions of riyals in return for their approval to pass the purchase of the plane, “Socotra”, despite of its poor technical condition, and to cover up, they have maintained before entering the official service in the Yemeni network.


Sameera Hassn