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Supreme Economic Committee criticizes UN slowdown in tackling economic situation

SANAA, Jan. 12 (YPA) – The Supreme Economic Committee on Saturday criticized the United Nations slowdown in tackling the economic situation in Yemen.

The committee expressed its surprise at the coldness and silence of the UN organizations towards the economic file, “which represents a lever to prove the sincerity of the UN approach in resolving the humanitarian issue of Yemen in general.”

“Combating and ending the specter of famine and putting an end to the disastrous humanitarian situation in Yemen requires addressing the reasons that led to that,” Yemen News Agency (Saba) quoted the committee as saying in a statement.

The committee noted that among those reasons is “interruption of salaries of the state employees by Hadi and his government for more than two years.” As a result, thousands of families have entered the poverty line.

The statement referred that the UN Security Council Resolution 2451 provided an integrated package of priorities for the solution in Yemen, including the urgent economic situation.

The committee held the United Nations and its envoy fully responsible for the current deterioration in the humanitarian situation after the national delegation presented all concessions and dealt positively with all the initiatives in the economic side during Stockholm constipations.

The escalation steps taken by Hadi’s government, which are contrary to what has been agreed upon in Sweden and the resolution 2451, may destroy all understandings in the peace process,” the committee said.

The committee called on the United Nations to begin immediately to address the economic situation.