YEMEN Press Agency

UAE occupation frees 11 detainees in Aden

ADEN, Jan. 11 (YPA) – The United Arab Emirates occupation forces on Friday released 11 detainees from UAE-run Bir Ahmed  Prison in Aden province, southern Yemen, after more than two years of forced detention and concealment, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the sources, two of those released are mentally ill as a result of being subjected to torture in the non-expendable prisons.

This comes after media pressure exercised by activists in the southern region.

The strike at Bir Ahmed Prison is entering its 20th day, which comes to pressure the prison administration to release those who have parole orders, and for the public prosecution to investigate those who have not been investigated.

The release is the first sign of a response to the strike carried out by the detainees some 20 days ago.