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Lahj Governor: Drone strike on coalition military parade is the first one, but many more to follow

SANAA, Jan.10 (YPA)  –  Sheikh Ahmed Hamoud Jarib, governor of Lahj province, has confirmed on Thursday evening that the aerial operation carried out by the Air Force against the coalition’s militants and their commanders at Al Anad military base, will not be the last.

“The operation is the first and comes as the launching of military operations that will target all the groups of foreign forces which have taken control over the territory of the south from Lahj to Mahrah provinces,” Sheikh Ahmed Hamoud Jourib told Al-Araby website.

“It is not that far for such an attack to reach the Saudi- Emirati enemy forces in Socotra island,” he added, warning the invaders.

According to Al-Araby, the operation came on the basis of accurate intelligence, and it was carried out by the army’s Qasif-2K drone, which entered service on Thursday.

Governor Jarib said the operation coincided with the anniversary of the martyrs of the south who have defended their homeland against the Saudi-Emirati invading coalition and as a fulfilment of their shedded blood, including martyred President of Yemen, Saleh al-Sammad.

In conclusion, Sheikh Ahmed Hamoud Jarib added that there were reports of shots fired at some pro-Hadi southern leaders at the ceremony, shot from a silencer pistol during the parade that was hit by the Yemeni drone strike.

This could point to an already planned assassination by UAE-backed southern Yemeni separatist forces against officers loyal to the Saudi-backed Hadi regime.