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Saudi Arabia seeks to extend oil pipeline from its territory to coast of Yemen

MAHARA, Jan. 10 (YPA) – A member of the Yemeni Shura Council and former director of security in the province of Mahara, Major General Ahmad Mohammad Qahtan, said that Saudi Arabia is seeking to extend an oil pipeline from its territory to the Yemeni coasts, taking advantage of the state of weakness currently experienced by the Yemeni state.
In an interview in Al Jazeera channel, Qahtan stressed that the sons of Mahara will not allow this unless there are official agreements according to international conventions.
Qahtan added that the Saudi-UAE alliance is seeking, through its presence in the border province of Al-Mahra with the Sultanate of Oman, to cause chaos and the planting of extremist groups, not to support what he called the legitimacy of Hadi.
Qahtan called on Saudi Arabia not to impose its will on the people of Mahra province, and not to test their patience, describing their policy as a division that separates the sons of the skilled.
Earlier, the Organizing Committee warned of Mahara sons’ sit-in what it described violations and acts of Saudi Arabia, which said it destabilizes the province and violate the sovereignty of the Yemeni state.
The Committee warned of ongoing operations to recruit tribesmen outside the framework of the military and security institutions and the establishment of camps to train militias of Saudi Arabia.