YEMEN Press Agency

2 young men’s bodies found in Mukha

TAIZ, Dec. 28 (YPA) – Residents of Mukha coastal city in Taiz province found the bodies of two young men who were kidnapped by the UAE-funded coalition militias a few days ago.

A reporter of Yemen press agency in Taiz said the bodies of two young men, Ahmed Mohammed al-Qadi and Ismail Sharara, were found in the city of Al-Mukha and on their bodies traces of bullets.

A security official told Yemen press agency that the two victims were kidnapped five days ago with a large number of young people during their participation in a protest condemning a child being raped by soldiers of the so-called Amaliqa brigades last week.

Media sources close to the Yemeni Islah Party loyal to the coalition confirmed that the families of the two dead men accuse the militias of Amaliqa brigades hired by the UAE invading forces currently present in the city of Mukha, who stood behind this terrible crime.

The families and other sources add that a number of young people are still being forcibly hidden by armed militias.

The Yemeni coastal areas occupied by the US-backed UAE military forces witness horrific crimes accused by the occupation forces and militias supporting them.