YEMEN Press Agency

Israeli occupation launches operation to cut off Hezbollah’s tunnels

SANAA, Dec. 4 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation army claimed Tuesday it had “detected” Hezbollah tunnels infiltrating the occupied territories from Lebanon and had launched an operation to “cut them off”.

The occupation army spokesman said that the operations would take place within the occupied Palestinian territory.

The army is aware of a number of tunnels, the spokesman told AFP, adding that the tunnels were not yet operational but would be blocked or demolished.

He reviewed video footage on the websites showing mechanisms allegedly tasked with detecting tunnels.

The Israeli occupation army has asked the settlers to act normally because “there is no reason not to do things as they normally are”.

Israeli media reported that the occupation army on Monday night began a large-scale engineering operation to uncover and destroy Hezbollah’s tunnels.

He noted that a number of areas adjacent to the fence had been declared as closed military zones and no special instructions for the population.