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US Defense Secretary reveals real reason behind his country’s resolve to stop war on Yemen

SANAA, Nov. 29 (YPA) – US Defense Secretary James Mathis said in his speech in fornt of the Senate that his country is determined to stop the war on Yemen for the safety of its military co-personnel with the coalition forces.

“We cannot deviate from the use of all our influence to end this war for the sake of the innocent people in distress, and ultimately the safety of our nation, which includes our military participation,” Matisse said, speaking about the Yemen war.

Commenting on the issue of Khashhoggi and President Trump’s responses to it, he said that  his country “security interests cannot be dismissed, even as we seek accountability for what President Trump described as the ‘unacceptable and horrible crime’ of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, a crime which ‘our country does not condone.”

“We must maintain our twin requirements of holding those responsible for the murder to account, while recognizing the reality of Saudi Arabia as a necessary strategic partner, he added.

” We cannot be deflected from using all our influence to end this war for the good of innocent people in trouble, and ultimately the safety of our own people and this includes our military engagement,” he said.