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Hadi’s Culture Ministry building closed due to late rents

ADEN, Nov. 27 (YPA) – The owner of a building, taken by the Ministry of Culture in the government of Hadi as its headquarters in Aden province, closed the doors of the ministry and prevent employees from entering their workplace.

The Owner, Khaled Zaid, closed the headquarters of the ministry on Sunday because of the lack of commitment of exiled Hadi’s Government to pay the agreed rents and the lease contract signed between the two parties is over.

Khaled Zaid has repeatedly complained of Hadi’s rejection and evasion of paying the rent of the building which is $ 3,700 a month, where it was agreed to hand over the rent every three months.

Hadi has more than a year and did not pay the rent, and the Ministry of Finance procrastinates and ignores three directives to no avail, said Zaid.

He added that the ministry did not pay the rent of water and electricity, and that he filed a complaint to Mansoura court, which ruled that the Hadi culture must be paid all the rents to the owner. However, the ministry delayed and refused to implement the court’s decision.


Sameera Hassn