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Report: Army attacks coalition militiamen in various fronts, infilling heavy casualties over 24 hours

SANAA, Nov. 3 (YPA) – The Yemeni army waged attacks on sites of Saudi-led coalition militiamen in various fronts over the past 24 hours, inflicting heavy casualties, a military official told Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

In border province of Najran, the army fired a ballistic missile, Badr 1-p, towards sites of the militiamen in al-Mustahdath camp , killing and wounding dozens.

In also Najran, dozens of the militiamen were killed and injured in the army’s attack on their sites of al-Sawh and Sudis.

In Jizan, the army fired Katyusha rockets at the groups of the militiamen in Qais mountain, killing and injuring several of the militiamen.

In western province of Hodeidah, a number of the militiamen were killed and injured by the army offensives on sites in Tuhitah area.

In Marib province, the army waged an attack against sites of the militiamen in Nahm,Sarwah districts, killing and injuring dozens.

In Jawf province, a military vehicle of the militiamen was destroyed and its crew members were killed by the army in al-Maton district.

In Bayda province, the army foiled an attack of the militiamen towards Nata front, bombing three military vehciles and killing their crew members.

In Taiz province, the army fired artillery towards sites of the militiamen in al-Salu and al-Mafalis districts, killing and injuring a number of the militiamen.

In Hajjah province, several of the militiamen were killed and injured when the army hit their groups in Hairan and Medi areas,the official added.

Ali Ahsan