YEMEN Press Agency

Security force arrests gang in Dhamar

SANAA, Nov. 3 (YPA) – Security force in Dhamar province on Friday aeersted a gang consisting of five members who were impersonating the security men and the popular committees to carry out their crimes, the security information center told Yemen Press Agency.
The director of security of Dhamar province, Ali al-Harbi, said that the security force managed to arrest a gang whose members kidnapped a citizen and demanded a ransom.
Al-Harbi explained that during the arrest, the gang resisted members of the security men and opened fire on them, forcing the security men to respond and killed one of these elements, arrested four others and liberated the kidnapped.
Al-Harbi said that two members of the gang managed to escape, pointing out that the gang has many precedents in addition to the link to aggression and work to destabilize security and stability in Dhamar.