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Food security’s ensuring is also people’s battle’s field against coalition schemes: President’s Office Director

SANAA, Oct. 15 (YPA) – Director of the Presidential Office Ahmad Hamed affirmed on Monday that the ensuring of food security for Yemeni people is another battlefield in which the people struggle to foil the US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s schemes.

This came during a seminar held in the Presidential Office in the capital Sanaa on the organized by the Political and Social Forum.

In the forum attended by Media Minister Abdul Salam Jabeer and Minister of Agriculture Eng. Abdul Malik al-Thawr and Head of the Forum Ahmad al-Razihy, Hameed affirmed the importance of take benefit from the challenges facing the Yemen due to the coalition war waged against the Yemen, its land and people,” adding that “all the elements, which might help to reconstruct the country are available.

” The climate diversity in Yemen on the level of provinces is an advantage, which encourages everyone to take more care about to the agricultural field as one of the promising sectors,” Hamed pointed.

He stressed on the importance of the victories achieved in battlefields against that US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s forces which should be accompanied by the achievement of the development to ensure the total independence of the country.

Ahmed Al-Mutawakel