YEMEN Press Agency

UAE controls military base in Yemen’s Shabwa

SHABWA, Oct. 8 (YPA) – UAE-backed militia on Monday seized Morra military base, north of Ataq city of Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, according to local reports.

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional council’s militia, known as “Shabwani elite forces”, took over the military base after tensions between them and the 163rd Brigade forces, which are loyal to Hadi government and Islah Party, in Bihan district.

The move came after the council called on its militias and supporters in the province to be ready to repel any military force coming from Marib province towards Ataq or Shabwa’s districts.

There are more than ten oil sectors in Shabwa, each with dozens of oil wells producing thousands of barrels of oil per day, as well as the strategic port of Balhaf, the largest oil investment project in Yemen, that overlooks the Arabian Sea.

The takeover of Morra base by the UAE-backed militia has cut the way for any military attempts by the Hadi government to control Ataq or western districts of Shabwa province.


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