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Griffith is frustrated, international consensus on ending siege

SANAA, Sep. 11(YPA) – The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, said he had failed to send the Sana’a delegation to participate in the Geneva talks, expressing his frustration at the failure.
On Tuesday evening, the UN Secretary-General briefed the Security Council on the latest political and field developments in Yemen following the failure of the Geneva consultations, which were due to begin on Thursday.
Delegates of France, Poland and Bolivia to the Security Council stressed on the continuation of peace efforts in Yemen and an end to the blockade imposed by the coalition on Yemen.

Delegates of Member States, except a representative of the Government of exiled Hadi, called to allow all vessels to enter the port of Hodeidah, not to obstruct its entry and to restore the port of Salib.
In addition Delegates called to open the air port “Sana’a International Airport”, the introduction of humanitarian aid, and help the Yemeni economy, as well as the speed of release of all prisoners and detainees from all parties as a gesture of goodwill
For his part, the Chinese delegate to the UN Security Council, stressed on the need to support the sovereignty, independence and unity of the Republic of Yemen.