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Provinces local authorities, CSOs condemn coalition massacre in Saada 

SANAA, Aug. 9 (YPA) – Yemeni local and executive authorities and civil society organizations on Thursday condemned the Saudi-led coalition warplanes’ massacre in Dhahyan district of Saada province, which killed 47 civilians, mostly children, and wounded 77 others.

The Ministry of Water and Environment said “this massacre is a war crime. The coalition and those who support it must be held accountable as war criminals.”

“This massacre is contrary to all religions, laws, and customs, and a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law,” the Women and Children Department at the Information Ministry said.

The department denounced the international silence and the UN complicity towards these crimes committed against childhood and humanity, adding that that has encouraged the coalition to continue to commit more crimes against Yemen children and women.

The Ministry of Awqaf and Guidance called on the free peoples in the world to take serious attitudes towards the genocide war launched by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Yemeni people.

In Saada province, the local authority condemned Dhahyan massacre, which was committed by the coalition through targeting a bus carrying students in the central of the city market. It called for a popular move towards fronts to retaliate the coalition crimes.

In Amran province, the province leadership and the local authority said that the coalition’s persistence in committing more crimes and targeting children, students and markets will not pass without a retaliation.

In Mahweet province, the province leadership and the local authority called on the United Nations and the UN Human Rights Council to shoulder their legal, humanitarian and moral responsibilities towards the coalition crimes, denouncing their shameful silence.

In Jawf province, the local authority confirmed that the continuation of the coalition countries in targeting civilians is evidence that they have not any morals, religious principles or humanitarian values.

“The continuous targeting of civilians reveals the truth of arrogance and criminality of the Saudi regime and its hatred for the Yemeni people,” the authority said in a statement.

In the same context, a number of Yemeni civil society organizations (CSOs) condemned, in a statement issued Thursday, the horrific crimes committed by coalition warplanes against children and women and infrastructure of the Yemeni people.

The statement considered the coalition criminal act against Dhayan children a war crime from the perspective of international law and a flagrant violation of all international and humanitarian principles and laws.

In the statement, the organizations called on the UN envoy to Yemen, the international community, and the international organizations working in Yemen to pressure the UN Security Council to take urgent decisions to stop the war and lift the air, land and sea blockade on Yemen.

They demanded that the coalition be prosecuted for its continuing crimes against civilians in Yemen.