YEMEN Press Agency

Dozens of coalition militants killed, taken prisoner in western coast

HODEIDAH, Aug. 6 (YPA) – Dozens of the southern militants loyal to Saudi-led coalition were killed on Monday and many others taken prisoner in a unique operation of the Yemeni army in the western coast front, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

“Specialized units of the army succeeded in dragging large numbers of the militants to a trap in the vicinity of al-Durihemi district of Hodeidah province,” the official said.

The operation resulted in the killing, injuring and surrender of more than 150 of those militants, he added.

Earlier the day, field military sources confirmed that a battalion of troops of the so-called al-Mehdhar Brigade were trapped and taken prisoner on Sunday evening in al-Durihemi area. 

The trapped militants launched an appeal for lifting the siege on them, without any response from the coalition’s command in Aden, other sources said.

On Sunday, 30 militants of the same brigade were killed in an attack by Yemeni army forces.