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HR Minister meets High Commissioner for Human Rights official

SANAA, July 3  (YPA) – Minister of Human Rights, Alia Faisal Abdullatif, on Tuesday met Deputy Representative of the High Commission for Human Rights ,Laith Qaoud.

In the meeting, the officials discussed the illegal practices and crimes of enforced disappearance of detainees by the Saudi-led coalition aggression as well as the violations committed by the UAE in secret prisons.

Alia renewed the demand of the Ministry to form an international commission to investigate the grave violations against the Yemeni people.

The minister expressed her deep displeasure to continue the barbaric shelling and the unjust all-out blockade against the Yemeni people,  demanding to accelerate the opening of airports , ports and end the suffering of the Yemeni people.

For his part, Laith Qaoud confirmed that the Commission received  numerous reports and statements on a number of violations, pointing out that the Commission will carry out the task entrusted to them in all aspects of rights.

Sameera Hassn