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Army spokesman ridicules of UAE’s remarks about suspension of operations on western coast

SANAA, July 2 (YPA) – Yemeni army spokesman, Sharaf Luqman, ridiculed of the remarks of Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, in which he said that the UAE temporarily suspended operations in the westen coast of Yemen for the efforts of UN envoy Martin Griffith.

Luqman considered Gargash’s comments, which came as tweets, as assertion of the UAE force failed to occupy Western Coast and Hodiedah province.
He pointed out that one of the most important objectives of UAE, is to target the popular Yemeni consciousness, which is mobilizing to defend the western coast from all provinces and to discourage this mobilization which has rendered them incapable of opening the supply routes to its invading forces and lifting the siege on hundreds of different nationalities forces.
Luqman reiterated that the army, the Popular Committees, the naval forces, and the coastal defense are fully prepared for all developments on the fronts, especially in Western Coast Front, where the enemy operations, desperate attempts, F16 and F15 jet raids and bombardment of various naval vessels which targeted civilians and civilian objects have not stopped, which confirmed the false of UAE statements about temporary or non-temporary suspension in targeting the Western Coast.

Sameera Hassn