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Hamas publishes photos of Israeli occupation captives, its conditions for their release

GAZA, Oct. 16 (YPA) – Head of the Arab and Islamic Relations Office of the Palestinian Resistance Movement “Hamas”, Khalil al-Hayya, said on Saturday that the Israeli prisoners “will not see the light until our prisoners see freedom.”

He confirmed that the movement is ready for a prisoner exchange deal if Israel pays its dues.

In a television interview on “Al-Aqsa” channel, al-Hayya warned of the occupation’s sadistic behavior towards prisoners and its treatment of hunger strikers.

“As we live the anniversary of the tenth deal, we tell our captives: we are with you, and will not leave you alone in the face of the occupation’s behavior and its violations against you,” al-Hayya said.

Pictures of four Israeli prisoners

Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas published on its Telegram account pictures of four Israeli prisoners it holds.