YEMEN Press Agency

FYCCI resumes its activity from Sanaa after over 6 years of suspension

SANAA, Sept. 04 (YPA) – The Board of Directors of the Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FYCCI) on Saturday held its first regular meeting for the year 2021 in Sanaa, after its meetings had been suspended since 2015.

The meeting, chaired by Mr. Mohammed Abdo Saeed and attended by the Vice-President of the Federation, Mr. Abdelwahab Thabet, discussed a number of issues of concern to the Federation and the private sector in Yemen.

At the meeting, the members of the Board of Directors approved the new “Communication and Public Relations Strategy” for the Federation, which is funded and supported by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The Board of Directors also approved the project of the Federation governance in the provinces, starting with the chambers of the capital Sanaa and Aden and then the large chambers in the provinces.

It is worth noting that the Chambers of Commerce are engaged in a conflict with the Saudi-backed “Hadi government” after the latter’s insistence to proceed with the implementation of the decision to raise the customs dollar price by 100% without considering its catastrophic effects.