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Cuban FM: America is directly involved in organizing unrest

SANAA, Jul. 14 (YPA) – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez accused the United States of being directly involved in organizing the protests and unrest in Cuba since last Sunday.

Rodriguez stressed that “Washington bears great responsibility for the events” in which those who said they “receive funding and instructions from abroad, and who travel in cars with diplomatic status, and who meet with American diplomats” participated.

The Cuban minister stressed that his country is exposed to the effects of an unconventional war, in which social networks are used to promote destabilization operations in Cuba, explaining in this context that “Washington funded a campaign to promote riots on the Caribbean island, through the Twitter application, which is based in California.” .

Bruno Rodriguez also pointed out that this strategy “includes calls for violence, attacking the authorities, assassinations and promoting the flow of irregular migration between the two countries,” stressing that “these actions are promoted from the accounts of groups and companies based in the United States, and funded with government funds.”

Rodriguez revealed that one of the accounts is located abroad, which posted more than a thousand messages on Twitter, on July 10 and 11.

“Through the use of social media and the media machine, the United States has sought to create chaos and instability to break the constitutional order, social consensus and harmony that pervades the Caribbean island,” the Cuban foreign minister said.

The Cuban foreign minister rejected the statements of US President Joe Biden, in which the latter expressed his concern about the recent unrest in Cuba without referring to the impact of the embargo, noting that “the American president can ease the policy of this blockade towards the island instead of keeping it amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.” “.

“Biden should listen to his fellow citizens who speak mostly against the embargo and the possibility of traveling around the world,” he said, and called on the White House chief to listen to the international community who rejects the embargo policy against Cuba.

On Monday, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel accused the United States of “following a policy of economic strangulation to foment social unrest” on the island and “regime change” there.

This was preceded by Díaz-Canel’s call for Cuban revolutionaries to take to the streets to confront “foreign-backed attempts to destabilize Cuba”.

He considered that “the measures taken by the United States of America against Havana are aimed at stifling the economy to open the country to foreign interference that ends with military intervention.”

The Cuban Ministry of the Interior announced on Tuesday that the demonstrations and disturbances that erupted on Sunday in a suburb of the capital resulted in the death of a man who “was participating in them.”

The ministry said it “regrets the death of this person” in the Guinera neighborhood of the capital’s suburbs, the official Cuban News Agency reported.

Earlier on Sunday, the US president’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that “Washington supports freedom of expression and demonstration throughout Cuba.”

It is noteworthy that Cuba has been subject to an American embargo for nearly 60 years, which has prevented humanitarian aid from reaching the country during the epidemic, which has led to a deterioration in the economic situation in the recent period.

The Cuban government had denounced calls from abroad to stir up chaos and civil disobedience, and to take advantage of the difficult situation on the Caribbean island as a result of the outbreak of the epidemic and the intensification of the American blockade.