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UAE seizes tourism sector in Socotra Island of Yemen

SOCOTRA, April 04 (YPA) – The UAE has controlled the tourism sector in Socotra Island archipelago, southern Yemen, through transportation helicopters, informed sources said Sunday.

The sources explained that the UAE uses helicopters stationed at Socotra Airport for tourist flights and imposes $ 100 on each tourist in exchange for transporting him via a flight.

“Dozens of tourists queues in front of the Emirati helicopters at Socotra airport waiting for their flights in exchange for thousands of dollars, of which the local authorities in the archipelago are deprived,” the sources added.

The UAE has prevented local tourism agencies from practicing their activities, the sources said, indicating that Abu Dhabi has five small helicopters to transport tourists.

The sources affirmed that the UAE imposes conditions and fictional fees on tourists in exchange for visas, services, and transportation in Socotra, ”according to “Al-Mahriya Net” website.