YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi officers, Hadi minsters leave Aden

ADEN, March 21 (YPA) – An informed political source on Sunday revealed a mass departure of a number of Saudi officers and ministers of “Hadi government”, through Aden airport.


Khaled al-Shamiri, head of the Center for Political Studies, confirmed that a number of Saudi officers left the coalition camp on a private plane to Riyadh, leaving the ministers of the “Hadi government” on another plane.


He predicted that Aden will witness military events following the outbreak of the revolution of hungry in the city, pointing out that Aden will not be safe from the militants of Islah, the Brotherhood, and elements of al-Qaeda.


On Tuesday, thousands of protesters stormed Aden’s presidential al-Maasheeq Palace in massive demonstrations against the government of Hadi, deterioration of economic conditions and the rise in food prices.