YEMEN Press Agency

Marib witnesses fierce battle in dam areas

MARIB, Mar. 1 (YPA) –  Marib province on Monday witnessed fierce battles between the Yemen army of Sanaa on the one hand, and between militant Salafi groups and al-Qaeda elements on the other hand.
Local sources in the Marib told Yemen Press Agency that Yemen army had responded to a large advance of armed groups affiliated with the coalition forces in the direction of Jabal al-Balq tribal.
The sources reported that Yemen army advanced towards the sites of the coalition forces backed by Salafi fighters and al-Qaeda operatives in the Central Balk and Western Balq, surrounding the Marib Dam, after carrying out a successful detour, as it witnesses fierce battles between the two sides.

The sources revealed that large reinforcements of al-Qaeda militants had come from al-Jawba Junction to reinforce their collapsed elements in the Central Balk.
The sources indicated that the violent clashes were heard all over the city of Marib.