YEMEN Press Agency

Armed attack targets Central Bank’s branch in Marib

MARIB, Jan. 10 (YPA) – Unknown gunmen on Saturday evening threw a grenade at the guarding of the Central Bank’s branch in Marib city, controlled by Islah Party militias loyal to Saudi-led coalition, sources reported.

The attack was followed by armed clashes in the area surrounding the bank, the sources said, adding that the gunmen tried to storm the bank, without mentioning if there were any causalities.

The move came after the transport of billions of riyals by Islah leaders to the nearby Shabwa province during earlier in this month.

On Friday, ‘Al Gharib’ tribes held a truck loaded with money on its way to Shabwa, after a security officer of the Marib Bank guarding resigned last week, due to the illegal transport of funds from the bank.

In early January, the Islah leaderships withdrew three billion Yemeni riyals at once, and transferred them to unknown places.