YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia arrests 15 commanders loyal to Hadi forces

MARIB, Dec. 1 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia on Monday evening arrested about 15  senior leaders and officers loyal Hadi government in Marib province and deported them to its prisons in the Sharorah region.

Sources told the “Yemeni Press Agency”, that the Saudi committee of inquiry, which arrived yesterday, to the city of Marib to investigate into the missile attack that hit Tadawin accused these commanders of being implicated in the attack.

The committee said that they send coordination about the movement of its forces in Marib for military intelligence of the forces of Sana’a.

The sources explained that the investigation committee arrested eight commanders of military battalions in the ranks of coalition soldiers and six officers holding different ranks, and investigated dozens of officers and commanders in “Hadi government”.

On Monday morning, a Saudi committee carrying Saudi intelligence team arrived to probe the missile attack on the joint operations room in Tadawin Camp, in which 15 of Saudi troops were killed and wounded including high-ranking commanders.