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Ahmed Hamed: Army victories over al-Qaeda and ISIS exposed the supporting party

SANAA, Nov. 21 (YPA) – Director of the Presidency Office, Ahmed Hamed confirmed that the great victories achieved by the Yemeni army forces against on takfirist elements of al-Qaeda and ISIS, provoked the anger of the Western intelligence services, especially America.

He exposed  the US as main sponsor for supporting and directed to Daesh and al-Qaeda.

Our fight with terrorism made by America was real and decisive, was with an enemy driven by foreign intelligence. They want the enemy to remain scary, in order to distort Islam and achieve their agenda as they wanted, and this exposed them and upset them, Ahmed Hamed said in a series of Tweet

He said: “they are very upset, because we defeated their terror they created, and if they were honest in fighting him, they would be happy that we achieved what they were unable to do, or rather (they couldn’t do it).”