YEMEN Press Agency

Takfiri elements demolish historic mosque in Lahj

LAHJ, Nov. 3 (YPA) – Takfiri elements demolished on Monday one of the most prominent historic mosques in Al-Maflahi area of Yafea’ district in Lahj province, which is controlled by the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias.

Local sources reported that those elements demolished a large part of ‘Al-Asqalani’ Mosque in ‘Orib’ village, referring that the mosque was built hundreds of years ago.

Residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the systematic targeting of historical and archaeological Islamic monuments in the Yafea’ area, calling on the security services to arrest those elements and bring them to justice.

The Al-Asqalani Mosque in Yafea’ Al-Maflahi dates back to the ninth century AH, and was built in honor of Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani’s visit to Yemen in Shawwal in the year 799 AH.

Observers held the STC responsible for targeting of Islamic and historical monuments in the southern provinces.