YEMEN Press Agency

32 mislead people released in Dhamar

DHAMAR, Oct. 27 (YPA) – Local authorities in Dhamar province  on Monday released  32 of those detained on charges of collaborating with the Saudi-led aggression, on the occasion of the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday.

The governor of the governorate, Mohammed Nasser Al-Bukhaiti, indicated that the release comes within the framework of the celebrations commemorating the birth of the Prophet and the keenness to promote the values ​​of tolerance and give the deceived an opportunity to return to the homeland.

He pointed out the importance of taking lessons and sermons about what the aggression countries are doing against their mercenaries and the crimes they have committed against the Yemeni people and their capabilities.

Al-Bukhaiti called for not to fall behind the aggression plots that target Yemen, on land and people, and to take advantage of the general amnesty decision to return to the right path and stand on the side of the homeland.