YEMEN Press Agency

“Saudi reconstruction program” prevents operation of power generators in Mahra

MAHRA, Oct. 17 (YPA) – The so-called “Saudi reconstruction program” has prevented the Electricity Corporation in Mahra province, eastern Yemen, from operating the generators that were provided for the province, an official source in Mahra told Yemen Press Agency.

The source stated that the Saudi program is delaying the delivery of the diesel material that was pledged to Mahra’s electricity, in order to make Al-Ghaydah city, the provincial capital, and other areas in darkness.

He pointed out that the diesel amount that is provided is not sufficient for one day, which caused the power station to halt during the rest of days.

The source denounced the act of the “Saudi program”, describing it as a kind of imposing control and unacceptable absurdity.

The Saudi forces had prevented commercial ships from reaching ‘Nashton’ port of the province, including a tanker loaded with diesel, without an official permission from Riyadh.