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Al-Arouri: Normalization is an unfortunate event and a sad day for the Arab and Islamic nation

SANAA, Sept 16 (YPA) – Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri, deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau, described the normalization agreement signed on Tuesday evening in Washington as “an unfortunate event and a sad day” for the entire Muslim nation and the Arab peoples of Bahrain and the UAE.

This step as a behavior that does not represent the living Arab conscience of peoples who reject normalization, Said Saleh al-Arouri during an interview with Al-Araby Television.

“It is regrettable that there are regimes that are sacrificing the sanctities and principles of the nation for trivial personal issues of supporting Trump and Netanyahu in the elections in the face of their repeated defeats in front of their people who are demonstrating against them,” he added.

“Those who rushing toward Israel will find themselves in an isolation because Netanyahu and Trump are temporarily using it until their own interests are realized,” al-Arouri said.

“How can the criminal Netanyahu be received as a friend who kills, destroys, oppresses and burns Palestinians?” he asked. He is supposed to be tried legally and received as a criminal, not as a friend.”

According to the Palestinian Media Center, Al-Arouri explained that invoking division to pass normalization is a false excuse, and there was no need to sign in such circumstances, because all the countries open to normalization will not reap any benefits, and history confirms that all the appellants were disappointed.

“The unity of our people can achieve victory and prevent collapse,” he said, noting that there is an agreement on concrete steps between Hamas and Fatah to confront normalization. The agreement to proceed on three tracks, which are popular resistance, the path of partnership and the rebuilding of the PLO from the electoral gate, and the path of ending the division.

He added: “Two months ago we started overcoming differences and starting the activities of the unified popular resistance at home and abroad, we as Palestinians have the ability to unite and provide the required response. Today we begin a march that we are confident will end with an honorable victory for our people and our Islamic nation over the Zionists.”

“Contacts with President Mahmoud Abbas and all factions are continuing, towards uniting our people to defend our rights,” al-Arouri said.

He noted that the Palestinians had been fighting the occupation for 100 years, and had not disagreed on any of their national issues and principles.

Moreover, he pointed out that Hamas is in contact with many Arab, Islamic and international countries, and is working to unite the Arab-Islamic international class in the face of this irresponsible behavior of the printing systems.

Al-Arouri stressed the importance of popular rejection of normalization, expressing disappointment with the results of the meeting of the League of Arab States, which gave America a chance to get such results.

“Our Arab Historical depth cannot be abandoned, and we are sure that the Arabs themselves and their position with Palestine are not in doubt at all, and we will work to harden this position, and our true Islamic depth is indispensable; Palestine is not a place of contention for both Muslims, secularists, Christians and nationalists,” al-Arouri said.

The UAE and Bahrain signed a normalization agreement with the occupation on Tuesday evening in Washington under the auspices of US President Donald Trump.