YEMEN Press Agency

21 fishermen arrive in Hodeidah after being held by coalition forces

HODEIDAH, Aug. 15 (YPA) – At least Twenty-one fishermen arrived at al-Salif district in Hodeidah province after being detained by Saudi-led coalition forces last month.

In mid-July, 24 fishermen were kidnapped while fishing west of the island of Tho Thalath, and held them in Fursan prison and then in Jizan prison for nearly a month, said Abdul Qadir al-Wa’adi, head of the Red Sea Fisheries Authority.

He condemned the hostile practices of the Coalition States against fishermen and their continued tightening of the noose.

Al-Wa’adi directed authorities to give all the care and attention to the returning fishermen and paying them money from the Authority to help them cope with the difficult living conditions under the continuing siege.