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Al-Barakani turns against Hadi in Taiz

TAIZ, July 20 (YPA) – Political sources on Sunday revealed that an agreement was made between Sultan al-Barakani, a leading member in the General People’s Congress (GPC) and Emirati leaders.

The agreement included bringing down Taiz in hands of “Tariq Afash” forces in exchange for appointing al-Barakani as a successor to “Hadi” in the next stage, according to the sources.

The sources pointed out that al-Barakani has agreed on bringing down the areas located under the control of Islah Party, after his refusal to the appointment of Abdulrahman al-Shamsani as commander of the 35th Armored Brigade.

Activists affiliated with Islah Party accused Nabil Shamsan, governor of Taiz appointed by Hadi’s government, of committing treason and being an agent of Tariq Afash. They noted that the ceasefire monitoring committees formed by Shamsan earlier in the day aimed to monitor positions of Islah militants and the kinds of weapons they have.

On another hand, the Islah militants failed Sunday evening to control one of the military points of the 35th Brigade in al-Shamayatein district in Taiz province.

The brigade forces repelled an attack by Islah Party elements in the district, according to local sources.

The sources confirmed that militants of Islah Party in uniform of central security forces had tried to seize a military point located at the entrance  of Thubhan area in al-Shamayatein district.