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Mahweet local authority condemns coalition’s crime against Subia’an family

MAHWEET,July 1 (YPA) – Mahweet province leadership and the local authority condemned the horrific crime committed by the Islah militia against Subia’an family in Wadi Ubaida, Marib province, which killed seven and injured others.

The Mahweet leadership considered in a statement the targeting the Subia’an family and their homes a crime that contradicts the original tribal laws and customs.

The statement pointed out that these practices embody the extent of moral and humanitarian degradation of the mercenaries of aggression, stressing that this crime will not go unnoticed and that the Yemeni people,  the army and the popular committees on various fronts will take revenge on the criminals, the prostitutes and the aggressors.

The statement called on the national components and the liberals of Yemen for more cohesion, alignment and movement with responsibility to confront the aggression and liberate the Yemeni lands and to drop the projects of the aggression and its mercenaries.