YEMEN Press Agency

Soldier of UAE-backed security forces killed,3 injured in Abyan

ABYAN, May 10 (YPA) – A solider of UAE-backed security belt forces was killed and three others wounded on Thursday during a military crackdown against Al-Qaeda members in the southern province of Abyan, according to local sources.

The military campaign targeted al-Qaeda operatives in the Khobar area, one of the organization strongholds, where terrorist elements are holed up in the eastern part of the province.

Several of the Al-Qaeda elements were killed and others wounded during the campaign, while dozens of them managed to escape to unknown area, the sources added.

Meanwhile, security official said that eight of the security belt soldiers were injured when a bomb went off in their vehicle in the same area.

Terrorist elements are spreading in Abyan province due to the absence of security forces, as well as the presence of anti-UAE Muslim Brotherhood militias in the province.