YEMEN Press Agency

3 civilians killed in clashes between Islah, Southern Transitional militias in Abyan

ABYAN, May 30 (YPA) – A number of civilians on Saturday were killed and injured in mutual shelling between the militias of the “Southern Transitional”, affiliated to the Emirates, and “Islah Party” militants in Abyan province, south of Yemen.
Local sources in the province confirmed that three travelers were killed by the fire of the transitional and Islah, during the violent clashes between the armed militants and the transitional militia east of the city of Zanzibar, the capital of Abyan.
The Islah party announced the “Al-fajer alJaded” operation against  Transitional militia in mid-April, in preparation for storming the city of Aden, which was controlled by Transitional militia in August 2019.