YEMEN Press Agency

US drone strike targets al-Qaeda leader in Abyan

ABYAN, May 17 (YPA) – An American drone strike on Saturday targeted a senior al-Qaeda leader who was fighting with Saudi-led coalition forces in Abyan province, southern Yemen.

Local sources in the province told Yemen Press Agency that the US aircrafts targeted the al-Qaeda leading member Saad al-Atiqi al-Awlaqi in sl-Aqaba area, between Laudsr district in Abyan and Mokiras district in Bayda province, while participating in the fighting with the coalition forces against the Yemeni army and popular committees in Mokiras front.

The sources pointed out that Hamdan al-Shamri, commander of the Saudi forces in Marib province, has launched tenders to restore Mokiras and Laudar fronts in Abyan, which wined by recruits led by Sheikh al-Qebli in Marib and the leading member of Islah Party Saleh al-Shajri, who brought in al-Qaeda elements to fight among those who had recruited by Islah party to Marib last month.

This raid comes three days after the American planes bombed members of the so-called al-Qaeda organization in the city of Shoqra, Abyan province, who were fighting in the ranks of the Islah militias.