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Hadi governor in Aden seizes 300 million riyals from local authority budget

ADEN, May 5 (YPA) –  Local authority in Aden has revealed confirmed information about the so-called Aden governor Ahmed Salemin in Hadi government, who has seized 300 million riyals from the local authority’s budget for 2019, according to official sources .

The sources explained that Salemin spent the amount remaining from the local authority’s account in last year’s budget, without referring to the administrative body of the local council in the province.

They pointed out that Salemin exceeded the law of the local authority and its executive regulations, which require the approval of the administrative body of the local council at the time of dismissal.

He withdrew and disbursed the money without providing any information indicating where and how it was spent, according to the sources .

Observers say the emergence and disclosure of such scandals condemning Hadi’s government officials indicates widespread corruption and seizures of public funds, which are too big to be contained or hidden.

They stressed that the lack of control caused by the absence of the state opened the door wide for Hadi officials to loot and steal public money.