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Senior member of Ansarullah reveals time frame for Marib liberation

SANAA, April 6 (YPA) – A leading member in Ansarullah group (Houthis) on Sunday revealed the time frame for the process of completing the liberation of Marib province.

“the liberation of Marib has become a matter of time,” said Mohammed Nasser al-Bukhaiti,  Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council, Spokesman for the National Reconciliation Team and member of Ansarullah Political Bureau.

In a post on his page on Facebook Sunday night, al-Bukhaiti talked about Saudi financial temptations presented to the tribes of Marib, which were met with widespread disapproval.

“We salute Marib tribes for rejecting Saudi financial temptations, confirming that their blood is not for sale,” he said

In return, al-Bukhaiti advised those people from Marib  who are fighting in ranks of Saudi-led coalition, saying “Those who polluted themselves with these funds, we call on them to correct their position in coordination with Mujahideen (the army and popular committees).”