YEMEN Press Agency

STC’s militia assault, rape displaced family in Aden

ADEN, April 2 (YPA) – Media sources in Aden province, southern Yemen, on Thursday revealed that a displaced family from Hodeidah province was exposed to assaults and rape by militias of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The sources confirmed that elements of the transitional council’s militia stormed on Wednesday a house of a displaced family from Hodeidah province in Dar Saad area in Aden, and assaulted women sexually, after kidnapping the family members.

Ahmed Maher, a journalist, published on his Facebook page footage of displaced women in Dar Saad tour complaining that they were exposed to sexual assault by gunmen affiliated with the transitional council.

This crime was met with the outrage of the Yemeni street, where the lawyer and human rights activist Huda al-Sarari called on the STC to hold accountable those accused of raping a displaced family from Hodeidah in northern Aden.