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Sudan’s minister of defence dies of heart attack

SANAA, March 25 (YPA) – Sudan’s minister of defence, Lt Gen Jamaleldin Omar, died on Wednesday dawn of a heart attack in South Sudan, according to Reuters.

he agency quoted an unnamed ministry spokesman as saying that Omar died when he was taking part in peace negotiations between the government and armed movements in Juba.

Omar said in his latest remarks on Tuesday, before his death, Khartoum seeks  to build a unified national army away from political affiliations.
He expressed his hope that the army that leads the country in the next stage would represent all of Sudan, protect its borders, and serve as a shield and security for the country.
It is noteworthy that Jamaleldin Omar was appointed Minister of Defense in the new government, last September, knowing that in the era of Omar al-Bashir he headed the post of chief of the Military Intelligence Authority.